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Here is the comprehensive guide about which is considered a dynamic landscape of Indonesian businesses. Importance of can be guessed from the fact that the Indonesian government is involved in innovating this program. Ministry of Cooperatives takes this initiative to foster growth and success for businesses irrespective of their scales. how does it work?

Keeping the ever-evolving marketing and 21st-century business strategy in mind Indonesian government came up with an idea to introduce a platform to support Indonesian traders and businesses. The beauty of the platform is that every scale of business (small or large) can take advantage of it and align their businesses with the most advanced and updated version.

To connect Indonesian businesses globally and to bridge the gaps faced by both large and small-scale enterprises offers multifaceted services. 

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This platform helps businesses in the sense that it contains experts and all the necessary tools crucial for growth and adaptation in the competitive business environment.

Services Provided by

A list of services provided to their users.

  1. Training and Technological Assistance is a kind of educational hub that constantly provides training programs with the aim of enhancing the skills and knowledge of entrepreneurs and business owners. These training facilities make it easy for business owners to modify their business styles and align with the latest technological trends. 

  1. Resource Support

The most common problem faced by startup businesses is related to resources, these may be capital, skilled manpower, or strategic insights. Noticed this thing in mind add resource support in its vision.

It provides resource support that is tailored to the specific needs of businesses. Whether it’s financial resources, human capital, or strategic guidance, the platform acts as a facilitator, connecting businesses with the resources necessary for sustainable growth.

  1. Management Tactics, Fund Advice, and Marketing Strategies

Management tactics, fund advice, and marketing strategies are crucial factors in the success of every business. Fortunately helps businesses by offering all the necessary tools.

Furthermore acts as a financial guide, providing fund advice to businesses seeking to optimize their financial strategies. This includes advice on investment, budgeting, and financial planning, ensuring that businesses make informed decisions to secure their financial health.

Empowering Indonesian Traders and Businesses perform a crucial role in uplifting Indonesian traders and businesses. This is all possible because of its advanced features and supportive tools that help businesses to grow efficiently. 

Those who want to start with will require official registration. Registration will unlock all the features and related tools for the growth of your business. After verifying the registration owner’s business will get the license accordingly which will increase its trustworthiness and fame among its customers. 

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Benefits of using

In this section, we will mention some of the highlighted benefits of 

The first benefit of using is its easy-to-use feature and user-friendly platform. In addition to this, this platform provides a networking feature that allows same-goal businesses to interact with each other and explore their businesses by finding new opportunities. 

Because of its E-commerce feature businesses can take advantage of reaching new customers and can increase brand visibility. 


In conclusion, is the golden platform for Indonesian-based businesses and traders. This platform is supported by the government and helps businesses of every scale. To align your business with today’s modern mold you have to start with this platform which has all the required tools for their customers.

The government of Indonesia has a deep interest in the success of because of its overall positive impact on the country’s economy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is is a dynamic platform initiated by the Indonesian government, specifically the Ministry of Cooperatives, to support businesses of all scales. 

  • Is there a cost associated with using is designed to be cost-effective, with many services available for free. While some services may require a subscription fee, the platform’s overall goal is to make essential resources accessible to businesses of all sizes.

  • Does is only for Indonesia citizens?

The answer is yes, as this platform is supported by the government of Indonesia. So they allow only their citizen to participate in it and take advantage of it.

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