A Look at Innovation and the Qi2 Standard

Wireless charging has revolutionized how we power our devices, offering convenience and eliminating the hassle of tangled cables. The Qi wireless charging standard, developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), has been widely adopted across various devices. However, the latest iteration of this standard, Qi2, brings forth a new era of innovation in wireless charging technology. With insights from Apple’s MagSafe, Qi2 exceeds the capabilities of its predecessor, allowing for faster and more efficient charging.

What is Qi2 and The Evolution of Qi2

Qi2, developed with insights from Apple’s MagSafe, is a significant leap in wireless charging technology. Where the previous Qi standard was limited to 7.5W charging, Qi2 enables a remarkable 15W charging capacity. This doubling of power output allows for faster charging times, catering to the demands of modern tech-savvy users. Here is more detail:

Qi2 and MagSafe’s Influence

Although Qi2 draws inspiration from MagSafe, it is essential to note the differences in magnetic alignments. MagSafe magnetic alignment ensures that charging is only initiated when the device is correctly aligned with the charging pad. This increased precision reduces the chances of imperfect charging alignment. While Qi2 retains the benefits of MagSafe alignment technology, it goes beyond it by incorporating more flexibility.

Backward Compatibility Challenges

One aspect that showcases Qi2’s distinct evolution is its potential impact on backward compatibility. While the previous Qi standard allowed for cross-compatible wireless charging across various devices, the differences in magnetic alignment brought forth by Qi2 might limit backward compatibility. Users with older devices may need to upgrade their Qi charging pads or devices to utilize the benefits of Qi2 fully. However, this trade-off is crucial in fostering innovation and pushing boundaries in the wireless charging domain.

Advantages and Future of Qi2

Qi2 offers several advantages, making it a compelling upgrade for wireless charging enthusiasts.

Speedy charging

The most notable one is its significantly higher charging capacity of up to 15W. This means that devices compatible with Qi2 can be charged at almost double the speed of the previous Qi standard. This increase in charging speed is particularly beneficial for power-hungry devices like smartphones and high-end tablets, ensuring faster turnaround times.

Minimizes the risk of accidental disconnections

Qi2 alignment technology, inspired by MagSafe, enhances the charging experience by reducing the chances of imperfect alignment. The precision alignment improves efficiency and minimizes the risk of accidental disconnections that can occur when devices are moved, ensuring a more seamless charging experience overall.

The Future of Qi2

As Qi2 continues to gain traction and wider adoption, its potential for further innovation is limitless. The increased charging capacity opens doors for new possibilities and applications. From charging larger devices like laptops to powering more energy-intensive peripherals, Qi2 lays the foundation for a wireless charging ecosystem that can cater to the evolving needs of the tech industry.


The Qi2 standard represents a significant step forward in wireless charging. By drawing insights from Apple’s MagSafe and surpassing the power limitations of its predecessor, Qi2 sets a new standard of efficiency and convenience. Although backward compatibility challenges may arise, faster and more precise charging benefits make Qi2 a promising standard for the future. Qi2’s capabilities will evolve as technology advances, ensuring that wireless charging remains at the forefront of innovation.

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