A Guide To Buying Weed In Montreal

Cannabis has been used since traditional times to treat pain, stress, inflammation, depression, and many other health conditions. Today, it is being studied by botanists worldwide to know more about its surprising benefits on your mental and physical health.

The Canadian government legalized Cannabis in Montreal and Canada on October 17, 2018. Cannabis, also known as weed or marijuana, has gained a lot of demand and popularity since this event in the city.

Montreal is famous for hosting various international festivals. The residents and tourists planning to visit the city have many questions about this recreational drug and its sale, purchase, and usage laws. Online weed delivery Montreal is popular since people can purchase various cannabis products at a reasonable price and get them delivered to their residences in a short period. So, keep scrolling further if you plan to get some weed online for recreation.

What Is The Legally Required Age To Purchase Weed In Montreal?

It is necessary to be above 19 years old to buy and smoke weed legally in Montreal. Your dispensary may ask you for your ID to verify your age. If you fail to produce valid identity proof, the store may not give you the Cannabis.

Sometimes, if you manage to get them from the dispensary when you are below 18 years, you may not be lucky enough to get past the eyes and sirens of the cops.

How To Buy Cannabis Online In Montreal?

You first should go to the official website of an online dispensary delivering weed in your area. To place the order online, you must be a citizen of Canada or residing in Montreal for more than 12 months.

When making an online payment for weed delivery in Montreal, you only need to fill in information like your name, residential address of Montreal, email address, phone number, and banking details. However, at the time of collecting the delivery, you will need to provide valid ID proof, which proves that you are above 19 years of age, and a doctor’s prescription to the delivery person.

Please remember that it is prohibited to buy or sell Cannabis without a verified medical professional’s prescription. However, you should not sign any document when receiving the package as it may cause legal troubles. You and your dealer can communicate through secure emails if there are any issues regarding the product.

The orders are mostly delivered within three business days. The number of days might increase on weekends and holidays. Once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled, and no refund will be given for the same.

How Much Weed Can You Order In One Go?

According to Montreal laws, you cannot carry more than 30 grams of Cannabis even if you are over 19 years old. No healthcare professional would prescribe a patient an above 30 grams dose of Cannabis. Therefore, it is illegal to smoke, vape, or carry more than 30 grams of weed in Canada.

The Bottom Line

It is now possible to legally buy weed online in Montreal thanks to the amendment in the Cannabis Regulation Act. If you are above 19 years old, you can enjoy the numerous benefits of this psychoactive drug to alleviate pain and other health conditions. You can purchase weed in the form of edibles, vapes, pre-rolls, and many more.

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