5 Web Design Trends That Unfolded in 2021

Web design is the field that keeps on evolving with changes in technology and user demands. As the world is coming upwards from the pandemic situation, the industry is taking new twists and turns to clear previous backlogs. Also, there is a new energy in society. It is getting reflected very well in the web designing industry. Furthermore, it is necessary to know the prominent web design trends in 2021 to lead towards 2022.

Popular Web design Trends of 2021

Some web design remains in the market forever, other keeps on changing as the situation evolves. Let’s get to know the latest pulse in the market.

Usage of light matte colors

Soothing and self-revealing colors have become part and parcel of web designing in recent times. Reassuring colors leave a serene effect on the minds of users. Additionally, it touches inner emotions to a profound extent. You can pick up matte colors and their gradients from the color palette.

No doubt, illustrative and dark colors seem more energetic. But, lighter colors convey genuine and peace-giving message to the audience. Designers use colors for the background and set the tones for visuals and graphics. These colors are inspiring and don’t shout aloud. Further, they subtly catch the user’s attention.

Combination of digital and physical imagery

Digital imagery is quite prevalent on almost every site. It revolves around eCommerce websites, portfolio sites, blogging, and review websites. What is so special about digital imagery? Designers can develop creative instincts into digital imagery to bring out new images.

Physical imagery is present all around us in selfies, front images, and event-related images. Now, the mixture of digital and physical imagery gives an entirely different tone of the web visuals. What is their use? Advertisers and marketers present their variety of products on a person, blank space, and any other relevant areas.

The blend of both takes the audience’s imagination to the next level. A Web design company can intermix real and creative imagery with perfection to give an optimal user experience.

Preference to minimalism

Earlier, there was a trend of providing more information and more categories. Gradually, marketers realized that their customers weren’t that satisfied. Designers stuffed up web content, web navigation, and other design elements. Then, they implemented the concept of minimalism.

Designers kept fewer categories and less clutter on the website. It helped a lot in pitching and reaching the nerves of the audience. But, how? More is the availability; lesser is the satisfaction. It makes decision-making difficult and repentance over leaving the other choices. 

3D illustrations

3D illustrations are not new in the graphic design industry, but it has become a buzzword in the web design industry. With 3D illustrations, users can comprehend information quickly. It gives the user the experience as if they are visualizing things in the real world.

Designers include other things along such as rotation at a 360-degree angle and zoom preview. The best of 3D illustrations is the color of the visuals change with lighting effects and shadows.

AR and VR experiences

Research in the augmented reality(AR) and virtual reality field has been going on for a long. But with Covid-19, AR and VR make their presence more in the web industry. What could be the compelling reason behind it? Lockdown situation bound everyone at their homes. They can’t go to physical to try and then purchase.

The choice of color and size was always the drawback in online shopping. AR and VR make it relatively simpler. With virtual try-on features, customers can see thing looks. For instance, they can see on-screen how sneakers appear and place furniture virtually at their home.

Effective and engaging video content

Video content is emerging fast in the web designing field. The reason is the higher customer engagement factor. Video can include many things at one-stop such as text, seeing a person’s emotions, strong visuals, and animations. 

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Customizable dark mode

You must have seen dark mode in the Google maps. Now, it is becoming popular in web designing. Users can change website mode to dark in low light scenarios such as night, evening, or less light available. It doesn’t strain eyes. 

Easy to understand conversion points

Conversion points are the one that drives maximum sales. Realizing its importance, designers create appealing points. Call to action (CTAs), lightning deals, external and highly converting internal links. They do it by:

  • Enclose with neon and attractive colors.
  • Increase its size.
  • Change the text color.


In short, web designing is an ever-changing field that needs constant updating to remain ahead in the market. It helps freelancers, web design agencies, and businesses for adapting to user needs. Recently, the main focus is on:

  • Web changes as per light changes in the environment.
  • Illustrative purchasing sections like CTAs and links.
  • Adaptation to the recent technologies.

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