3 Ways to Reduce Back Pain 

This article details three things you can do to reduce back pain over the long term. There are a number of types of back pain. Although the ideas mentioned herein are all safe to do, it is advised that you discuss any changes and additions to an exercise regime with your medical team and healthcare advisor, especially if you have a back problem. These are general solutions that can be done as part of a holistic health and lifestyle program or as standalone activities to target the back.

The abdomen doesn’t only look good – they’re the muscles that strengthen the back

The secret is out and has been for a while. Having a strong core is one scientifically proven and physically logical factor that will reduce back pain and prevent it from reoccurring. These so-called ‘core’ muscles, the ‘abs’, provide stability to the spine and participate in every movement your body makes. A wide variety of exercises will strengthen your core and gone are the days when the crunch was the standard go-to for abdominal muscles. If you want to speed up your core development, then add weight. Simply buy dumbbells at Mirafit and then implement some of the simplest core, squat, and major muscle exercises that will also serve to train the core. Lastly, keep these exercises fun by adding planks, mountain climbers, press-ups, and more.

The right bed for your back

We spend a substantial amount of our time in bed. During these times, the body should be resting and recuperating; as such, it needs to be comfortable and stable. Depending on your spine’s precise curvature, you will need a specific density and hardness for your mattress. Unfortunately, finding the best mattress for you can be a lot of trial and error as one person’s hard and medium support may feel soft to someone else. You need to think about how you sleep and where you have any back issues. For example, lower back pain sufferers swear by a hard-to-medium mattress to provide stability and prevent morning pain. However, once you’ve tested a fair few and know what makes your back feel good, stick to this, ensuring that it gets the support it needs while you sleep. 

Stretching regularly

By stretching and easing back strains regularly, you can reduce back pain caused by tension and possible joint and tendon degradation over time. Start slow with some specific stretches, and then depending on the progress and reduction in the pain, you could consider taking this to the next level and starting some yoga classes or try some online yoga stretches advised for the specific type of back pain you’re experiencing.

The final piece of advice concerning back pain is to ensure that you have it checked out, as several types of back pain could be symptoms of other underlying health concerns. The changes as prescribed here will be those that go the furthest towards allowing you to put your back pain behind you.

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