Phantom Galaxies: Detailed NFT Game Instructions

Players control space ships in the third-person shooter phantom galaxies. The Commonwealth of Neoterra and the Union were always at odds in the game’s story. The two groups have coexisted peacefully for fifty years, but they both despise the Sha’kari. Their mission is to fight the people who destroyed their planet. The enemy is well-armed and employs cutting-edge technology, but the people are frail.
Read below to know the detail about gameplay of Phantom Galaxies and phantom galaxies free nft:

The gameplay of Phantom Galaxies

The player begins as a pilot of a mechanized starfighter and eventually joins the ranger squad of experienced pilots. As a player, you can select a starfighter from the Assault, Buster, Lancer, or Breacher Frames. As you progress through this crypto game, you will be able to upgrade the mechs on your starfighter to make them more effective in various types of combat.
In the Phantom Galaxies, starfighters are used to fight and explore. There are numerous generations of starfighters, and fusion technology can assist you in improving your own. The main features that distinguish a starfighter are its frame, armor bonus, thrusters, shields, ability to not overheat, cargo hold, and weapon slots.
Phantom Galaxies employs both fungible and non-fungible tokens. Starship fusion, administration, repairs, rent, and insurance all require PHTM tokens.

Putting Starfighter NFTs Together

A starfighter is built in two stages. Before beginning the first stage, which is building from scratch, players must first obtain a base Frame. A base frame can be obtained from the Phantom Galaxies or from player groups. A base frame starfighter must go through the second fusion stage in order to fly. If you do not want to purchase a base frame, you can rent or purchase a flyable starfighter.
The fusion process is the second step, which takes place at the Fusion Facility. Players will need the base frame NFTs and other resources to complete the process. The fusion process occurs at random, depending on how long the token will last and the player’s resources in the game.
Mercenaries Mercenaries allows players to rent out their starfighters to new players as part of its “play to earn” features. You can only rent out a starfighter if you have a large number of them. This feature is intended for players who want to play at a higher level but lack the necessary starfighters. You can rent a starfighter if you don’t have the funds to build your own.
NFTs employ avatars from spectral galaxies. Avatar-based games differ from those that do not. Players create Avatar groups based on a single parent. The original Avatar’s characteristics are passed down to the next generation. Avatars demonstrate how each player’s character differs from the others. When a player creates the game’s rarest and most unique avatars, their chances of gaining experience levels increase.

Organizations and Real Estate

You can own property as an individual or as part of a group as a player. Each property is in its own galaxy. Players have access to a variety of resources, such as factories and refineries. Phantom Galaxies also receives rent from the building owners.
Players can form different groups with similar goals. Players in Phantom Galaxies can join DAO, Corporate, Private, Warlord, Democratic, and Sponsored groups.
Each group may have a different group of people depending on where they decide to set up their main office. A Planetary Base, for example, can have as many inhabitants as it desires. Phantom Galaxies can assist organizations with governance. Then, each organization must cover its own operating expenses.

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