Looking For AA Meetings In Florida? Here’s How You Can Prepare Yourself For These

If you are in Florida, you can use an AA meetings locator to find out local meeting venues near your home. Attending these AA meetings in Florida is a necessary step to recover from alcohol addiction. The biggest achievement, of course, for an alcoholic is admitting he has a drinking problem. Once this has been done, you can be confident of kicking off this habit for good with help and support from Alcoholics Anonymous.

Why AA meetings in Florida could be just what you need to recover from alcohol use disorder:

How AA meetings have been depicted in movies is not how they are in reality. These meetings are meant for helping recovering addicts stay sober. They encourage members to support one another and battle addiction together. In doing that, Alcoholics Anonymous advises the use of a sobriety calculator. This keeps a record of the number of days a member has abstained from alcohol abuse. When members achieve milestones, they are rewarded with chips or tokens at the meetings.

Should you be afraid of your first AA meeting?

Getting cold feet before the first AA meeting is natural. It is a novel experience; something that most addicts will not be looking forward to. You know you will have to be in the company of complete strangers in a room. Neither do you know them; nor will you want to speak up before them. You definitely don’t want to be in a position to share your vulnerabilities with them.

Whether you attend a meeting as part of the 12 traditions of AA program or on your own, you have no reason to worry. Every meeting follows a structure and this is comforting. It is not accessible to just anyone walking down the street. AA meetings are for a purpose; they are organized to enable alcoholics to share their troubles and concerns.

Meetings will be presided over by a “chair” and he welcomes the group. He is responsible for maintaining the structure, asking members to read the 12 steps literature, and enforcing group conscience. Depending on the type of meeting you have opted for, the format will vary. Some are speaker meetings, some closed meetings meant only for members, and some “open” meetings which you can attend with someone. The idea behind these meetings is to create a positive and safe environment where members can talk about their struggles and get advice.

In an open meeting, you can bring your family member or friend for company. In a speaker meeting, it is the speaker who narrates his personal experiences leading to recovery. He can open up the meeting for discussion later on. No one will force you to talk about your problems at any meeting. You can raise your hand to speak up only when you are ready to do so.

When you attend an AA meeting for the first time, you may find some people warming up to you instantly. They will hug you and ask for your number; there is no reason to be scared. You need to understand that everyone present there has been in your shoes sometime in the past. They have all experienced similar fears, anxieties, and vulnerabilities. So, without feeling embarrassed and intimidated, try to open up to them. Take your time but remember you have nothing to lose here. For more information on where to find AA meetings visit and sign up for your first one.

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