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Why Must you Invest in Capital Smart City?

The only smart residential project near the New Islamabad International Airport is Capital Smart City. Quickly became one of Pakistan’s most well-known housing developments due to its innovative features. In 2018, the Capital Smart City Overseas Block was launched. It is located on the highest point in the Capital Smart City, and it offers a variety of residential and business site options with flexible payment plans. The Capital Smart City Overseas Block provides state-of-the-art amenities and premium luxury through development and sustainability. By utilizing technology-based tools and utilizing resources efficiently, the Smart method ensures optimum facilitation of people.

To put it another way, Overseas Block will be jam-packed with cutting-edge conveniences, unrivaled living standards, tranquility, and natural ambiance. Plots, villas, commercial areas, business opportunities, and economic growth are all included in the project. Capital Smart City is the best spot to invest if you’re seeking a haven.

Excellent Management and a Reputable Developer

Habib Rafique Pvt is developing capital Smart City. Limited, one of Pakistan’s most reputable real estate developers. The UK-Pakistan Business Council recently recognized Habib Rafique Pvt. Limited as the finest developer in Pakistan’s real estate business. Malik Muhammad Aslam, the Group CEO of Capital Smart City, was also present during the occasion. Winning this honor demonstrates Habib Rafique Pvt. Limited’s tenacity and capability and the investors’ faith in them.

Excellent Location

One of the attractions to investing in the Capital Smart City is its great location. The Capital Smart City adjacent to the Islamabad International Airport is served by the M2 Motorway. Second, it is easily accessible from outside the city because Rawalpindi is also close. Because of the society’s proximity to Rawalpindi and Islamabad, an investor can make a double profit on a single property in the Capital Smart City. Not to mention that the location of the Capital Smart City is peaceful because it is isolated from the rest of the city’s activity.

Affordable Rates

The Overseas Prime Block and Capital Smart City are both in the early stages of development. The project’s main selling point is its luxurious amenities at ridiculously low pricing. Investors should take advantage of this opportunity because this civilization is still in its early stages of development. Prices could skyrocket after the master plan is fully developed. A knowledgeable investor maintains a close eye on investment prospects and knows when the optimal moment is to buy a piece of real estate. As a result, we advise our valued customers to become savvy investors and book a plot in the Overseas Prime Block as soon as possible.

Easy payment plan

When you schedule a plot in society, you may be annoyed by obtaining notifications again. With a simple instalment plan, you may become the owner of your desired commercial or residential plot and smart house in the capital smart city. You will not be accountable for any additional costs associated with paying the payments on your reserved property. You have the alternative of paying monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly. However, I would recommend opting for a quarterly payment schedule.

Clean and green environment

The capital smart city is a mesmerizing and sensual dream that has become a reality. You can fantasize about providing your children with a well-built and healthy environment, as well as the required and exciting amenities for a happy existence. It’s a stunning combination of beauty and majestic perfection.

A Safe & Secure Community

Regardless of what amenities are provided in high-end or premium facilities, they are useless if the developers and operators fail to provide residents with safety and security. Residential societies are a significant investment that ensures inhabitants’ safety. The developers built a perimeter wall to safeguard the residence and installed high-tech security. There are also CCTV cameras, gated entrance points, and a guard on duty at all times for the inhabitants.


Capital Smart City need no introduction because it is a notable landmark in Islamabad’s capital city. Overseas Block is a fantastic investment opportunity in today’s real estate market. Given present progress and market value, prices and investment returns are expected to rise rapidly in the coming years.

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