Types of carbon fiber sheets


Carbon fiber sheets are also known as carbon fiber plates, carbon fiber panels, and carbon fiberboard or carbon fiber composite sheets. The carbon fiber sheets are comprised of orthotropic laminates utilizing a twill weave at 0° / 90° orientation. The carbon fiber plates that are mostly used are Economy carbon fiber plate, Quasi-isotropic carbon fiber plate, and prepeg carbon fiber plates. There are different types of carbon fiber sheets available in the market. Here in this article, we have discussed some types of these sheets and their characteristics.

Economy plate ™ carbon fiber sheets:

The stiffness orientation of this sheet is 0° / 90°. It has twill weave CF fabric. This carbon fiber plate is used for general purposes. It has three types of front-finish gloss, matte, and texture. Its size is up to 48” X 96”. And its thickness is 5 / 8”.  It has no core. Its maximum temperature resistance is 140F. Its thickness provides a chance of face sheet material on the finished side.

Quasi Isotropic carbon fiber sheet:

The stiffness orientation of this sheet is 0° / 90° / plus minas 45°. Its size is up to 48” X 96”. And its thickness is 5 / 8”.  It has no core. Its maximum temperature resistance is 140F. Choice of additional face sheet option is available in large size of sheets.

Prepeg carbon fiber plate:

This plate is stiffer and strongest. This plate is mostly used for such applications in which fewer weight plates are used. These sheets are made up of unidirectional prepreg or twill prepreg fabric. This plate is manufactured under heated pressure. Such a sheet is produced that has reduced voids and higher temperature specifications.

Carbon fiber sheets are made up of different materials. Some are made of T 700 carbon fiber material and some are made up of T300 carbon fiber material.

Features of T700 carbon fiber material:

This fiber material has higher strength and standard modulus. The main feature of this fiber is that it is never twisted, due to this feature this fiber is used in many industrial and recreational applications and in pressure vessels such as natural gas vehicle storage tanks and SCBA breathing tanks. This carbon fiber is prepared under high temperature and high pressure therefore it is flat and has high strength.

  • The density of T700 carbon fiber is 1.8g / m³.
  • The tensile strength of this carbon fiber material is 4900 (M Pa ).
  • The tensile modulus of this carbon fiber material is 230GPa.
  • Many companies use this fiber material in making carbon fiber sheets because of their higher tensile strength and higher tensile modulus.

Uses of T700 carbon fiber sheets:

As we know that these fiber sheets are not easy to handle so many companies use T700 carbon fiber plates for the cutting of the frames of the drone. This fiber sheet has many uses but some main uses are described below:

  • It is used in making FPV / UAV drone frame arms.
  • For increasing the efficiency of the products it is used in making robots arm.
  • This sheet is also used in making RC car chassis and in making wheels of the RC car.
  • This sheet is also used for the decoration of the surface.

This carbon fiber sheet is used for sports equipment such as is used in sport’s shoes.

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