Spin Bike Canada: The Truth Behind the Hype

Indoor bikes are a popular way to stay fit at home. For many Canadians, a spin bike has become the answer to getting a heart pump at home

What is a Spin Bike and What Can it Do?

Indoor cycling is one of the most popular fitness trends in Canada and there’s a reason why. With easy access to cardio and strength training via a bike, indoor cycling is just as effective as outdoor cycling. In fact, studies have shown that indoor cycling is more efficient than traditional cardio because cycling strengthens and builds more muscle groups. Studies have also shown that indoor cycling improves strength and cardiovascular health.

All of these benefits are great but I wasn’t able to find a lot of info on indoor cycling’s safety. Not because there isn’t any data to support it. There is and it’s good! No, I’m talking about the quality of the data. When you search for “safety of indoor cycling” on Google you get a slew of results from Spin Bike Canada.

The Truth Behind the Hype

If you’ve been searching the Internet for indoor bike reviews, chances are you’ve come across Spin Bike Canada (formerly High Performance Training Inc.), a very popular Canadian fitness product review site.

As an indoor cycling equipment supplier, they supply all the information on their website about indoor cycling. The site also contains reviews about other exercise equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, power blocks, and free weights.

Here’s what I found when I did a Google search for “Spin Bike” in Canada. In case you didn’t know, if Google links directly to your website when you type in your own keywords, you can’t see where those links take you.

The Spin Bike review scores average 3.9, meaning very good.

Benefits of a Spin Bike

Cycling is an excellent way to relieve stress, strengthen your body, and keep your heart and lungs healthy. The workout can be fun and fast, and if you are new to cycling, or a first-time indoor cyclist, a spin bike can be the perfect solution. It’s the perfect spin bike for beginners who don’t have much fitness experience. Spin bikes are also great for people who may have physical disabilities or limited fitness.

Why Spin Bikes are Great

Spin bikes come in many shapes and sizes, so no matter your height or weight, you can find a good fit.

When you set up your own spin bike at home, you can do it in a low-cost or a low-cost bike accessible by height. Because you are cycling indoors, you can also easily stop and resume your ride at any time. Read more about Mental Health Therapist.

Choosing the Right Spin Bike

Most spin bikes on the market today are high-end consumer products that allow you to select your own tunes, change gears and perform continuous (rather than random) workout sessions. The user experience should be fairly intuitive, allowing the user to focus on the workout without getting distracted by the technological bells and whistles. A digital display is one of the most common features found on spin bikes, allowing users to select their intervals and display their heart rate during the workout.

Choosing a good brand of the spin bike is difficult, as there are over a dozen options in Canada and the US. Some of the more popular brands are Cyclebar, Life Fitness, Precor, Peloton, and Progear. Each of these brands have multiple spin bike models available in each of their product lines. You can also check out these best spin bike in Canada which are listed after complete research.


In 2011, Spin Bike Canada was launched to challenge the prevailing opinions on Spin Bikes. We’re completely owned and operated by Canadians. We’re serious about helping you enjoy the benefits of Spin Bikes at home. At Spin Bike Canada, we’re determined to spread the word. Our mission is to help people to know their spin. And then to make them know it again. We are here to do what no one else has been able to do – provide them with the truth about Spin Bikes. And the best news is – we’re not done yet. There is still much more we can do to help you. We are passionate about helping you find the perfect Spin Bike Canada for your home. The right Spin Bike. The right type of Spin Bike. The right height and airflow. The right angles. The right room.

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